“Empower our employees and stakeholders to make incremental changes that reduce our impact on the planet, improve our business and enhance our communities.” – JHT Sustainability Goal

We seek to understand and improve our impacts on the global environment and on the people we affect – our employees, our customers and the communities in which we operate. We’ll never be finished: Like health, sustainability requires ongoing effort and continual improvement.

Energy Saver

Our Energy Saver feature, which conserves electricity by putting our equipment in “sleep mode” when inactive for 15 minutes, is one example of how our concern for the environment results in more sustainable products.

Material Selection

Our products are manufactured and sold globally, so they are subject to the health and safety laws of many different governments. We strive to apply the strictest, most protective regulations to all of our products, not just in the places that require it. For example, the European Union limits the use of six harmful substances with the RoHS directive; our products comply with RoHS whether they’re sold in the EU or elsewhere. In North America, California limits the level of formaldehyde that can be emitted by composite wood products; all our products sold in North America meet this limit.

We are always investigating new ways to make better material choices, including the use of recycled materials and ways to make our products easier to recycle.

Design and Product Reuse

We design our products to get the most function out of the least material. Our high-quality, long-lasting fitness equipment performs well over time, reducing the number of replacements customers need to purchase and the corresponding expense and environmental impact.

Culture of Health and Well-being

By their nature, our fitness products promote the health and well-being of individual people. Thus, we make a valuable contribution to humankind simply by conducting our normal business activities, most notably bringing fitness to homes and allowing people to exercise whenever they want.