At Horizon Fitness we invest in technologies that offer meaningful advantages to our customers and differentiate our exercise equipment from the rest of the market. These innovations make it easier to use, maintain and own our products. Plus, they are exclusive to our equipment, so you won’t find them anywhere else.


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As part of Johnson Health Tech – one of the world’s leading manufacturers of home fitness equipment– Horizon Fitness equipment combines our common-sense approach to fitness with our unwavering commitment to quality. We optimize designs to make operations more intuitive or to improve accessibility. We rethink machines to make them easier to assemble and more compact. We develop components that minimize maintenance to save you money and time. We offer entertainment that keeps you motivated to stay on track and reach your goals. We don’t add features just because they are new. We add them because they make your experience better.

We also diligently fulfill our obligation to meet strict international standards for quality, product safety and energy conservation. Horizon Fitness has received ISO 9001:2000 certification from the world’s leading developer of international standards. Our company has also achieved European EN957, CE and WEEE certifications. We also comply with RoHS and REACH directives for environmental protection in conjunction with the European Union.

Exclusive Technologies

  • Quiet + Durable + Responsive

    Maintain your rhythm with the responsive digital drive system that continuously recalibrates with each footfall. Plus, you can use your treadmill in any room of the house because the motor always runs at low RPMs, which minimizes noise and enhances durability.

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  • Softer Landings,
    Better Takeoffs

    Just like a running shoe, a treadmill with our unique three-zone cushioning system gives you the ideal amount of flex and support in all phases of your stride.

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  • Your Workout
    Has Wanderlust

    Bring an immersive workout experience to your home TV with high-definition destination footage displayed on your large screen and synced to the speed and intensity or your workout.

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  • Durability Meets Convenience

    Get the sturdiness of a traditional treadmill or elliptical and the benefits of a folding frame thanks to our effortless hydraulic folding system that facilitates easy storage between workouts.

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  • ViewFit

    With ViewFit, you’ll never have to manually enter your workouts anywhere because your machine will do it for you. Simply visit or download the app to connect your equipment, track your efforts and set your goals.

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  • The Elements of
    Natural Motion

    Six key design details work in concert to create the most natural and comfortable elliptical workout. From the handlebars to the pedals, everything is right where it should be.

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